What kind of
Phone case manufacturer
would suitable for you?

There are tons of phone case manufacturers in the world, select a suitable one as your reliable partner in the phone case business become harder than before.

But I hope this won’t be the thing that bothers you anymore after you read this post.

When you want to find a phone case manufacturer to work together, your needs must be 1 of the below:

  1. You’re looking for some ready-made and stand-out products to complement your product line or start your business.
  2. You want to customize the phone case based on your own designs or ideas.

If your need is #1, don’t have a clear idea of the style, and SKUs would be many but quantities are small, I’d rather recommend you spend more time talking to some trading companies, because most phone case manufacturers only focus on a few series of products that they are good at, the product selection range is not wide, and usually they request larger MOQ. But if trading companies, since they are able to integrate more supply resources and demand, so they can provide a wider range of products and more flexible MOQs.  They’ll fulfill your order well and will save you a lot of time and resources, although the price may be a bit higher. so you can take more attention to marketing.

When your need is #1 but there is a clear demand for the style, and the quantities would be big, such as 1000PCS per model per color; or your demand is #2. Then finding the suitable manufacturers is necessary for you, because you’ll get better prices and better quality assurance. This is the focus of this post.

A suitable mobile phone case factory should have the following characteristics:

1.Located in South China.

Especially in these 4 cities including Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, and Huizhou in Guangdong Province. 

Although many people think that the Chinese factories are too far from them, or don’t believe them for some reasons. But it is undeniable that China is the only one in the world with the whole industry supply chain, and basically, all industry supply chains have scale advantages and a mature talent system, so the cost will be much lower and the supply efficiency will be faster. The above-mentioned four cities are the places with the most concentrated phone case factories and the places with the largest supply, and their total supply accounts for at least 90% of the global market.

2.With own R&D team.

Having its own R&D team means that the factory intends to operate in this industry for a long time, not just to make quick money.

R&D team means richer industry experience, problem-solving and sufficient innovation ability, which are very important for buyers with customize requirements or with their own brand.

3. Have their own ability to make the molds or tools.

Due to the extremely mature industry supply chain in China, many factories’ molds or tools are outsourced processing. This can save more manpower and investment for the factory, but it is not a good thing for the buyer, because once the problems happen on the buyer’s customized molds or tools, the factory may not be able to solve it by itself, and has to rely on their outsourced suppliers, which means there is a risk of misinformation being passed on, as well as taking longer to resolve issues. For customized products rushing to market, such as the preparation of the product for the upcoming iPhone, there are great risks. If the factories with their own mold and tool manufacturing capabilities, then the risk can be avoided well.

4. With enough production capacity.

Usually, phone case factories claim they have a high capacity, like 100K or 200K a day, even more. 

Don’t believe that completely, you should take out 30-50% from this number. 

I can’t say they are lying, but what they are claiming is the FULL CAPACITY, it’s the ideal capacity under the premise that the machine and molds/tools are completely trouble-free. But this is impossible to achieve in any factory, there will always be various unexpected situations in the production process, such as poor mold exhaust, incomplete drying of raw materials, etc. In addition, the factory must prepare a part of machines reserved for trial production of samples or debugging of new molds/tools, as well as in-demand deployment. Therefore, before you decide to cooperate with a phone case manufacturer, be sure to find out their real production capacity and evaluate whether it can fulfill your needs as well.

5. Quality Control Capability.

If you ask any factory, how about your quality? All of them will say “our quality is good”. They are all speaking the truth because in their perception, they all think their quality is very good. But the problem is that every factory has a different perception and standard of quality.

In order to save costs and speed up production efficiency, some factories only. occasionally do random inspections during the process, but that’s all. Of course, in this situation, the prices usually are better. If you can be sure their quality can meet your requirements via some samples, this would be a good choice for you.

And another part of the factories, do more inspections, like conducts full inspections. before delivery and rejects defective products to ensure that the quality of the delivered products are in standard. Such factories have their own quality standards, which are usually stricter than the customer’s requirements. They will even take out the defective products that are not so obvious and that customers cannot.

Assessing and selecting suitable factories is a time-consuming job, it requires adequate communication and information collection. And of course, some personal emotional factors sometimes would be mixed. But in general, knowing the above characteristics would help you filter the unsuitable phone case manufacturers quickly, so you’ll be able to get more time for further evaluation and screening of potentially qualified manufacturers.
At the last, I hope everyone would find the right partner for your phone case business.

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